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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Potentially the most annoying thing ever...

 I have a mile long list of pet peeves, things that annoy me. It'd be a shorter list if I wrote what didn't annoy me or piss me off :)
So I am going to tell you one thing that perhaps annoys me more than ANYTHING!

"well what do you think I should do" How many times has a friend, sibling, co-worker asked you that question? I couldn't even begin to count. I love helping people, so when someone asks for my advice or opinion I do not hesitate to dish it, though I guess sometimes I should. Some would say I don't have a "filter". If you do not truly want to know what I think or even take my opinion into consideration;  why did you waste your breathe and my time, bothering me. I hate hate HATE when someone asks what they should do, I tell them my opinion and then they argue with me and do what they wanted to do ALL along. You don't have to justify your decision to me or anyone else, so if your intentions are to do it YOUR way, then do it your way and leave me out of that train-wreck all together. At least this way when you fall on your face from your irrational un-justifiable decision I don't have to say :TOLD YA: Though that is fun for me :)
Let me make ya a quick list of the top ten things that bug me/piss me off.

  • Asking for an opinion when ya don't really want it.
  • Stupidity
  • Laziness
  • Bills
  • People who think facebook is your personal journal (Despite what you think, no one care that you need to 'pee' or are walking the dog or whatever, no need to update your status every 22 seconds!)
  • Whiny People
  • People
  • People
  • People 
  • and oh Yeah STUPID PEOPLE!
So yeah It is 4:30 and I must go to bed.

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