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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Be nice"

As I sit here on a sleepless night, I think back to about 5 and a half years ago. I was working at Cracker Barrel, I had a manager named Jerome. One day Jerome took me to the break room to "talk" to me, this man HOWEVER, does not know how to just TALK... He is deaf, so he SCREAMS because he thought everyone else was too. He said to me (or yelled, whatever!) "You don't always have to be SO Damn mean!" Well true Jerome, I don't have to be, but it just comes naturally I guess.
 Last week I decided that I was going to try to be nice for an ENTIRE week at work (and if I could do that, I would continue the trend.) So far it has gone pretty well, and we are 4 days into it. Not to say at times I didn't want to be "mean" as some call it. I guess it all depends on your definition of mean. To me honesty isn't mean, but not everyone has the same appreciation for brutal honesty that I do. So that is where I have had to be more considerate. It has made work a little more enjoyable. Attitudes are highly contagious, so I will remain positive and "nice" in hopes that it will pay off in the long run. Tonight I decided to make it even more challenging. I decided that in addition to being "nice" I will also try not to be judgmental of others. I don't know others situations, why they may have negative attitudes, or have poor work ethic, or anything about them other than what they choose to share. So I will continue on my journey of becoming a better person day by day.
 I believe it will ultimately make me a happier and better person. Life is all about learning lessons, experiencing new things. I am ready for whatever life throws at me. I am going to be a nice, strong, independent person. I will not depend on anyone else for my own happiness. Life is what you make of it, and I will make it great!
  Just thought it was time for a random blog :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just for giggles from our friends from LAMEBOOK

aBREWsive Parenting
I sit here browsing the world wide web, oh wow the things I have found make for a good giggle. 

And yet somehow people's stupidity still amazes me :)


 wow seriously?

def laughed out loud

Just something to make you giggle a bit. Have a good night guys! Check out when ya have nothing better to do!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Potentially the most annoying thing ever...

 I have a mile long list of pet peeves, things that annoy me. It'd be a shorter list if I wrote what didn't annoy me or piss me off :)
So I am going to tell you one thing that perhaps annoys me more than ANYTHING!

"well what do you think I should do" How many times has a friend, sibling, co-worker asked you that question? I couldn't even begin to count. I love helping people, so when someone asks for my advice or opinion I do not hesitate to dish it, though I guess sometimes I should. Some would say I don't have a "filter". If you do not truly want to know what I think or even take my opinion into consideration;  why did you waste your breathe and my time, bothering me. I hate hate HATE when someone asks what they should do, I tell them my opinion and then they argue with me and do what they wanted to do ALL along. You don't have to justify your decision to me or anyone else, so if your intentions are to do it YOUR way, then do it your way and leave me out of that train-wreck all together. At least this way when you fall on your face from your irrational un-justifiable decision I don't have to say :TOLD YA: Though that is fun for me :)
Let me make ya a quick list of the top ten things that bug me/piss me off.

  • Asking for an opinion when ya don't really want it.
  • Stupidity
  • Laziness
  • Bills
  • People who think facebook is your personal journal (Despite what you think, no one care that you need to 'pee' or are walking the dog or whatever, no need to update your status every 22 seconds!)
  • Whiny People
  • People
  • People
  • People 
  • and oh Yeah STUPID PEOPLE!
So yeah It is 4:30 and I must go to bed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growth means CHANGE

 Growth means CHANGE and change involves risks, stepping from the known to the unknown.
             Change is inevitable, we all tend to fight change for fear of the unknown. In order to grow somethings must change. I challenge each of you to CHANGE something in your life. It can be something small or something big. It can take you a day, a week, a month, or even a year, but set a time line! Make an honest effort to change something in order to grow as a person, as a friend, as a mother, as a father, as a child, as a co-worker. We get so wrapped up in our daily lives, we get so comfortable, it cause fear of change.
             Why are we so content with the way things are? Never striving for more! Are you unhappy in life? Is it because of a relationship? a  job? What makes you unhappy and why won't you do something to change it? I often hear "I hate my job" Really??? Then do something about it. We all have days where we hate our jobs, but if it is an everyday thing, make a change, change the field of the work you are in or move to another company. Don't stay in the same place and be miserable, misery as well as happiness are contagious. Don't bring others down with you. 

Tell me how you are going to challenge yourself and what change are you going to make? I intend to put careful thought and consideration before I choose. I will let you all know what it is and how I progress...YOU do the same! Deal?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What do Instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners have to do with ANYTHING?
 Well I am here to tell you, it has everything to do with Laziness. We wonder why our society is LAZY? Well that right there is why. I have no problem with people being lazy at home, hell if you look up Lazy in the dictionary you may find a picture of me on my couch with my laptop in hand. We as a society have made it acceptable to be lazy. One thing I believe is unacceptable is laziness at work. I understand we all have off days/bad days, whatever you want to call them. We feel less motivated some days than others. Okay Understandable, but to go to work each day with the mindset that you will do nothing above what you have too, when did that become acceptable? I work in a restaurant , which I love, because I get to meet new people everyday and enjoy the work I do. You determine how much money you are going to make (assuming the business is there :) by the service you give. Now I believe team work is a MUST. I go to work to make money and I want my co-workers to do the same. So I am there to help them at any given opportunity. I will run food to their tables, refill drinks, whatever is needed. So in return I would expect that you would do the same. WRONG! (well not totally wrong because I do work with some great people) There is always at least one person during every shift, who  is there for THEMSELVES and only themselves. When they are not doing stuff that benefits them, they are holding a wall up. HEY GUESS WHAT, I think the wall is going to be A OK without you there. We all have to work with people like that no matter what our job is. Laziness is one of my biggest pet peeves. How do you deal with laziness in the work place? I need advice... I find it very hard to not get angry and just tell them exactly how I feel. Which is no good, just makes for a uncomfortable environment. 
   Instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, and frozen dinners are so convenient but convenience doesn't always produce the best results right?  Instant mashed potatoes are edible but are they as good as the real deal? NO didn't think so, So next time you want to take the easy way out of work, life, or dinner; think about the results. Convenience isn't always the right choice. Neither is Laziness. 
 Now I feel like I should do a load of laundry or something.
Til Next time!

(If you have any suggestion for blog ideas send them my way, what do you want to read about??)

WHAT were YOU thinking??

 I often wonder if people own mirrors? If not your appearance is still not acceptable! Chances are EVERYONE of us pass by a mirror or two before we walk out of our house. Especially as vein as our society is. I have always thought " I'd like to walk around with a video camera for a day, and ask people WHAT were YOU thinking?". Today Dez and I are walking through the mall and see an "plus size" girl wearing a TUBE TOP, number one it is WINTER or at least close enough, number two a TUBE TOP, seriously? Oh wait it gets better, she attempted to cover it up with what resembled a sheer curtain like fabric, which BTW was very see-through. I know you may be thinking, "Bethany, aren't you being a little judgmental?" Perhaps I am, but the top half was not the only sign that should have made her think twice, she was wear jeans that were a good two inches too low, when I say too low, I mean at-least 2 inches of butt crack were showing! TACKY.... The icing on the cake or should I say cookie cake was that she stopped at the Great American Cookie Company and got a piece of cookie cake (YUM!) and DROPPED it on the floor, "awww poor girl" I thought, no no no, she proceeds to bend over showing more ass than women wearing thong bikini's and ATE IT! WOW WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!
  Before you say WOW BETHANY, you are awful, let me tell you I am NOT a THIN girl, and I can dress well without looking TACKY, you do not have to be thin to be cute, but if you are not thin I suggest you rethink wearing a tube top in GENERAL but especially if it is a size or 5 too small!

     So off to Wal-Mart we go, (wal-mart ALWAYS makes me feel better about myself, there are some winners there!) We don't even make it through the entrance when we run into a woman mid-twenties wearing sweatpants, a tank top, jean jacket and 3 inch heels... Did you really think that was cute???!!!! Surely not, maybe it was a dare? Okay probably not, wish I would've had my camera and took a picture to show her what she REALLY looked like. 
     I do believe my camera will become a standard accessory so I can capture these moments and share with y'all for entertainment purposes!
    If you are reading this thinking I am rude & crude, chances are you are one of these people I would like to approach and ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, so take a look in the mirror before you head out for the day!